How the Class IV K-Laser Works

The Class IV K-Laser was first introduced in the United States in 2003. AmeriSpine USA and Dr. Tomalin has now brought you the LATEST most powerful and effective Class IV K-Laser on the market today.

Class IV K-Laser therapy works through a process called photobiostimulation. When deep penetrating photonic energy is focused on specific cellular (soft) tissue, increased amounts of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) are produced as a result. ATP is the substance responsible for cellular energy production.

Soft tissue is muscles, ligaments, joints capsules, vertebral discs and intra-articular surfaces.

Increased ATP in soft tissue jumpstarts a series of profound healing effects:

  • increased cellular function
  • improved circulation
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved transport of nutrients across the cell membrane
  • increased circulation
  • influx of water, oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area
  • reduced swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain

The Class IV K-Laser has a unique pulse mode that delivers laser energy to deeper tissues without warming superficial tissues. It has both continuous and modulating frequencies to promote pain control and healing. Its higher power delivers a larger therapeutic dosage, resulting in shorter treatment times. Presets result in consistent and safe treatment outcomes.

Note: Not all therapeutic lasers function or perform the same. Low laser therapy devices are Class III lasers or “cold” lasers. Their power ranges are in the range of 5 milliwatts to 500 milliwatts. The Class IV K-laser is a high-powered therapy device ranging up to 6000 milliwatts; its power is adjustable from 100 milliwatts to 20,000 milliwatts, allowing for a wide range of treatment protocols. This power and penetration of the new K-laser system is not attainable with cold laser devices.

Dr. Tomalin will determine the frequency and duration of laser therapy sessions for each patient, depending on their individual needs.